Sunday, February 1, 2009

Art Materials Shopping

Yesterday, I went shopping for more art materials. I got several small square canvasses, watercolors, brushes, gesso paint, pens, colored pencils, papers and a nice artist blank book for my journal. Aside from the Watercolor Moleskine Book , I also write daily in my journal. And of course, I have this Blog.
My favorite art supply store is Pearl Paint in New York City. Not only is it the biggest art store but is close to Chinatown where I can eat at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant called Nha Trahn. You should try their spring rolls--it's to die for!


Anna said...

eeek! kakainggit!!! amanda and i go crzay over art supplies, tita donna!!! sarap sarap!

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

Anna--I know--me to--Art stores and Bookstores--especially the childrens book section is my paradise!

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