Sunday, April 26, 2009

Last Day Vietnam: Water Puppet

Our Last Day in Vietnam, we made sure we watch the Vietnamese Water Puppet in the Old Town, Hanoi. We booked for an evening performance. Below, in the lobby of the theatre, are some puppets for sale. I bought one.

Vietnamese Water Puppets on stage:

The Puppeteers:

The Vietnamese Water Puppet Musicians:

I am waiting for the show to begin:

We had dinner the same night at this fabulous restaurant called
The Green Tangerine which was featured in the book " 100 Things to do before you Die"
Food was Asian Fusion ( Vietnamese/ French) They also have a good selection of wines.

The Green Tangerine :

One of the appetizers we ordered: soft shell crab with mango sauce:

Bart and I love Vietnamese Food:

Our last day in Hanoi, Vietnam, we also just relaxed during the day by the pool:

Ha Long Bay Cruise, Vietnam

Our Cruise to Ha Long Bay, From Start to Finish

Bart & I waiting for our car service to take us to our crusie ship to Ha Long Bay,
A three hour drive from our Intercon Hotel Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is a world Heritage site
and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The traffic in Vietnam--filled with motorcycles, some carrying stuffs you cannot imagine:
The drive is an experience in itself.

More Motorcycles:

Stopping at a ceramic workshop where you can buy souveniers done by the disabled:

Some rural scene on the way to Ha Long Bay:

Beautiful sculptures:

The ceramic workshop:

Madonna Davidoff in the middle of two buddhas:

Finally, we reached the port to board our ship to Ha Long Bay:

Our ship the Ha Long Ginger has only 10 cabins plus an interior made up of all wood .
It resembles an old Asian sail ship. Really beautiful and cozy, plus romantic:

Having my first Vietnamese beer while waiting to board:

The captain of our ship The Ha Long Ginger

Our ship The Ha Long Ginger:

The Ship's bar:

Our Ship Guide named SON

My lifesaver--I made sure I know where it is...

Our cabin:

Our cabin bathroom:all marble

The ship dining area:

More views of Ha Long Bay( lime stone islands, lots of them)

Bart getting his coffee:

Stopping at a beach at Ha long Bay:

Another cruise ship The Indochine: a view from the beach
Madonna Davidoff at the beach in Ha Long Bay:

Bart swimming at Ha Long Bay beach:

Again, yours truly after a swim in the water:

Back again in our ship:

Bart enjoying the breeze at the top deck of the ship:
Madonna Davidoff on the top deck of Ha Long Ginger:

Approaching the Fisherman's Village: some of the fisherman's kids selling shells:

Fisherman's Village homes: All of them have TV and electrical power:

After seeing the Fisherman's village, we are now visiting the Ha Long Bay National Park:

Waiting for dinner at sunset:

Our dinner at the ship: giant prawn, Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, crab soup, grilled fish, calamari and of course dessert
The Morning after: before breakfast in the ship, more vendors -
I bought a sea shell from one of them:
Bart & I before breakfast:

This is a typical Mini Mart vendor in the sea:

After breakfast, we are now visiting one of the famous caves in Ha Long Bay:

Madonna & Bart inside the caves:

Going back to our ship after the caves:

Madonna Davidoff in a tradti0nal Vietnamese dress:
Our last lunch buffet at the ship:

An unforgetable cruise of the Ha Long Bay:
Bart and Madonna Davidoff 2009, Vietnam

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