Friday, February 22, 2013

Mural Painting for Yoga Studio

I have been commissioned to paint a mural for my favorite Yoga Studio called  
Firefly Yoga & Wellness in Lawrenceville, NJ.
The mural is located in the entrance of the Studio.

I am really happy about this project because am I creating
 something that is close to my heart which is Yoga and Meditation. 
Also, Firefly Yoga & Wellness is a great place not only to learn Yoga but also
a place for meditation, tai chi, tea ceremony workshops, massage therapy,
crystal and sound healing classes.

Below is the color study for the mural:

I already finished the drawing on the wall which is colored light lavender.

Today, I will start to paint and put textures on the trunk 
and the leaves by using patterned paper ( collage style) and 
overlaying it with paint again.

This is so different from what I normally do (small size children's illustrations)
and I find mural painting challenging and exciting.

I look forward to finishing this soon.
I wish you all a happy day today.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

How I Created my Valentine Card 2013

                First, I try to get some inspirations from some of my vintage greeting card collection :

I just love the way these greeting cards look.  I try to imagine the sender and the receiver of these cards, what their relationships were with each other, where do they live? What are their favorite food, what do they wear? What books do they like, etc. My imagination takes me far and different characters start to build up in my mind until finally, I start to draw them. And from there, other images appear until I choose one that I will finally work on.

For my Valentine Card, I chose this vintage card as my source of inspiration:

Step 1. Using the image of the tree I made a rough sketch :

Step 2. I finalize the sketch, ink it and scan it in Photoshop .
I also position the text. Here is the scanned image:

Step 3. I color the line art in photoshop
It's easier to change the color combination and
correct mistakes when you work digitally.

Step 4. I decided to create a collage of hand sewn skirt,
ribbons and laces for the girl's outfit. Here are the hand-sewn skirt
and ribbons I made which I then scanned in the card:

Step 5. Here's the final Version of my Valentine Card .
Now I am ready to submit it to 
OnlineGreeting Card Store
called Madonna Davidoff's Card

Happy Valentine to you all!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy New Year of the Snake!

A greeting card I illustrated for The Year of the Snake 2013:
I just started a new line of greeting card illustration for
The Greeting Card Universe.

The name of my Greeting Card store is
where you can order greeting cards anytime.

It was fun creating this card for the year of the snake 2013.

My Process in creating the Card:
1. I made a pen and ink drawing of the girl and then scanned it using my Wacom tablet (Bamboo)

2. I colored the girl and designed the pattern of her dress digitally.

3. I painted the snake in Photoshop using the paintbrush tool.

4. Finally I chose the text and designed the layout of the card digitally and submitted it to
The Greeting Card Universe. for approval.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Madonna Davidoff Paintings at Robins Egg Gallery

My works are now at Robins Egg Gallery in Lambertville NJ.
I am exhibiting 2 of my paintings which is part of my " Little Girls and Boys " series
depicting children in different surroundings and their daily activities. 

This series is made up of small acrylic canvas paintings, size 8" x 8".
I enjoy making them and my source of inspiration are vintage children's books.

Below are paintings at the gallery:

All Images copyright 2012 Maria Madonna Davidoff

Thank you for visiting. Please ask permission before using any of my images.

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