Friday, September 7, 2012

Good news!! 

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My registration was confirmed and I will be attending the The sixth annual KidLitCon  (Saturday Session ) on September 29th, 2012.
It will be held within the main branch of New York Public Library 
New York City
 . KidLitCon  is an annual conference of children’s and YA bloggers.

We were given several choice of sessions to attend, rating them from #1 -4.Here are the number 1 choices I made:

For Sessions #1 (11:00-11:45) My first choice was:
Presenter: Sheila Ruth (Wands and Worlds)
TitleWho’s In Charge?
Description: Having a social media presence has become an essential fact of life for many in the Kidlit space. Authors, bloggers, and publishers use social media for marketing, engaging with fans, and communicating with peers. Librarians use it to keep up with industry information & book news, and to communicate with patrons. But managing a professional social media presence can quickly become an overwhelming time suck, leading to burnout. This presentation will help anyone who is using social media for professional reasons to take charge and manage it in an effective way. Participants will learn to create a strategic plan by answering the questions what, where, when, and how, and learn about technology tools that can reduce the amount of time and effort needed for social media management.

Sessions #2 (12:00 – 12:45) My first choice was:
Presenter: Marcia Lerner (The Diamond in the Window)
Title: Inspiring Reader Response
Description: A presentation that aims to give bloggers tools to strengthen conversation with their readers. One of the great things about blogging is that it facilitates immediate response. The rewards of blogging come from a wide variety of readers—librarians, teachers, and parents—who offer their wisdom and expertise on a regular basis. Yet one of the frustrating things about blogging is that sometimes readers don’t respond, and it can end up feeling like you’re writing into a void. The most common recommendations for getting readers to comment are to use giveaways or to end posts with a question. In this talk Ms. Lerner discusses how to create emotional connections with posts and platforms that explicitly value readers’ input.  Attendees of this program will be encouraged to offer their own responses beforehand on what has and has not worked for their sites.

Sessions #3 (3:30 – 4:15)My first choice was: 
Presenter: Melanie Hope Greenberg (Mermaid on Parade)
Description: This workshop addresses the necessity of creatives to fine tune their marketing skills on all fronts: analog, digital and social networking. Become your own best publicity director (even if you already have one). Learn the points of access to reach out and let the world know about your published book. Online marketing will be covered with a special focus on Social Network Etiquette.

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