Tuesday, May 19, 2009

MOCCA Museum of Comic and Cartoon Festival

Another Event I attended was the MoCCA (Museum of Comic and Cartoon) Art Festival 2009 held last weekend from June 6th and 7th at the Regiment Armory at Lexington Avenue and 25th Street in New York City.
It was in this same building where the first major exhibition of contemporary art in America was held and where for the first time many Americans saw the works of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Matisse and Picasso.

Here I am with some Illustrator friends in front of the Regiment Armory Building:
Chris Margeson, Marilyn Pappas and (myself-Madonna Davidoff)

Chris Margeson is an illustrator from Baltimore who took these 2 photos inside the Cartoon Festival:

Madonna Davidoff at the MoCCA cartoon festival 2009, Photo credit:Chris Margeson

Note: The Rest of the photos below where taken by myself:
I bought a graphic novel by Keenan Rubenstein-His graphic novel was done in a calendar format and I've never seen anything like it before: It has no text, just visuals using the different months to depict the development of his story. It's really cool and his line art were fantastic.

Here is Keenan's Booth with his Calendar/Graphic Novel which he signed for me:

Also met some of Chris Margeson cartoonist friends at their Twin Comics booth:
Cartoonists are fun people don't you think?

Fellow CBIG member  Stephanie Ruble, author of " Sheila, The Zombie Cheerleader"
below signing her book for me:

Another amazing cartoonist is Ken Wong who does Origami Cartoon.
He taught me how to construct one below:

The MOCCA Festival in New York City was a great weekend of comic and cartoon art exhibitors, panels, lectures, sketches, autographs, and more! Some of the world's best cartoonists, animators, and graphic novelists were exhibited there. For anyone interested in the art of making cartoon and comics, I highly recommend it.  I'll be back again next year!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Philippines: Last Destination to be with my Family again

I have re-united once again with my family back in the Philippines:
One of the reasons for going back to the Philippines was to
visit my father, Jose L. Angeles, who is now 90 years old:
Below, Papa and myself in front of the pool. As you can see, Papa is wearing
the Obama hat and t-shirt I sent him: He is now an Obama fan:

Enjoying the pool with my father:

I also visited and stayed with my brother's family
in Pampanga, in front of the house:

The newest addition to the family:

Lazlo Patajo -Angeles

Lazlo is my brother Jolan's first grandson

Madonna Davidoff, Lazlo Patajo Angeles and my brother Jolan Angeles

Lazlo's parents, my niece Anna Patajo and her hubby Paolo:

My niece Anna with her son Lazlo:
My niece Anna's Blog

Myself with my sister in law Tonette Palma Angeles, wife of my brother Jolan:

Below with my other niece, Amanda Angeles:

We visited the former Clark airbase in Pampanga Manila andwe visited
A traditional Filipino restaurant in Pampanga:

A bakery in Manila where you can buy the famous filipino Pan de sal:

I bought a quilted toy for Lazlo:

where we visited a quilting workshop below,
A Filipino Quilt artist with his design:

At Korea Town in Pampangga, Philippines

Finally, with the rest of the Angeles Clan below:

All Images copyright 2012 Maria Madonna Davidoff

Thank you for visiting. Please ask permission before using any of my images.

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