Tuesday, February 17, 2009

MondayArtDay Theme: Cliff Hanger

This is a book based on an Asian folktale which I 've illustrated
while living in Singapore
where I've set up my art studio from 2006-2007.

A corner of my Singapore art studio shown with my niece, Anna Angeles-Patajo


Marco Crupi said...

Hello, i add you to my "Siti preferiti" very thanks for adding me ;)

goatman said...

Nice work.

I am happy that you have met Alan Watts. No one else seems to know who he was. I liked "Cloud Hidden Whereabouts Unknown".

Thanks for visiting

Blue Law By Anna said...

my aunt's studio in singapore was an artist's little haven! she had everything - including works in progress! my sister and i went nuts inspecting everything!

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