Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Batik Painting in Bali, Indonesia

Batik Painting by Maria Madonna Davidoff

This is my enrty for Illustration Friday Theme Intricate.

What can be more intricate than a batik painting. Two years ago, I decided to spend
a few months in the Island of Bali , in Indonesia, to study Batik painting.

This is one of my first batik paintings of a Balinese dancer. Batik is a wax resist dyeing technique used on textile. Batik is considered as national art in Indonesia.
I've been to several Balinese performances and I was really mesmerized. It was such a mystical and wonderful experience. The dancer were almost trancelike because in Bali, everything they do creatively are offered to the gods and godesses.

Here is where I set up studio in Ubud, Bali 2007

I was taught by a Balinese teacher who held classes in his own home.
Here I am in one of my classes:

Below, I am painting my first batik with my Balinese Batik teacher Wayan:
Here you can see me applying the wax resist first:

With my Balinese Batik teacher Wayan:

Below are some of the traditional dyes I used in Bali:

This is how I use colored dyes for my batik :

This is how I dry my batik--outdoor under the sun, the natural way:
It can get very hot in Bali--As you can see in my face full of perspiration:

Finally, after a hard days work painting, here I am relaxing in front of my Bali bungalow:

This is my walkway towards the Bunglaow:

Relaxing in Ubud:

Below, I am in front of one of the Balinese temples:


Emila Yusof said...

beautiful batik painting, maria!

Dora said...

its beautiful!!! i wish i can learn to make batik too =)

Zari said...

beautiful painting! this sure was a great and fun experience!

& thanks for visiting my blog ;) I'm glad you like my work

Jennifer said...

Hi Madonna- I found your blog! :-)

Your work is beautiful and it's fascinating to read about where you've been! Great to see you again yesterday, too!

trish weill said...

your batik is amazing Maria! very inspiring, thank you!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

How beautiful was this post!!!! It's just wonderful. I love your Batik projects. They are fantastic! Maria you certainly have an eye for color! Looks like you had fun!

Francy said...

Chegamos esta semana de Bali, passamos 10 dias em Jasri e foi muito bom. Estivemos em UBUD, Kuta, Seminyak e muito mais...
Adorei o teu blog..

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