Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Grandfather's Novel published in India

After reading my brother Jose Ibarra Angeles( nicknamed Jolan), blog about the Project Gutenberg, an online library of free electronic books, I was surprised to see my grandfather's novel in it. My maternal grandfather's name is Juan L. Arsciwals whose novels were published in Manila in the early 1900's. One of his novels entitled" Ang Bayani"( written in Tagalog) translated as " The Hero" has been out of print--- until I was shocked to find out after I ran a google search on my grandfather's name that it was published and being sold in India at this site called Flipkart" !

Below is a vintage photo of my maternal grandfather,
Juan L. Arsciwals with my grandma Felicidad Ignacio Arsciwals

Unfortunately, my grandfather died at the peak of his writing career while my mother was only a year old . Below is a picture of my mom , Luzviminda Arsciwals Angeles, as a young bride. My mom was also a writer, since the 1960's until she passed away 2004.

A childhood photo of my brother, Jose Ibarra Angeles(right)
and yours truly: taken in Manila late 1950's:

Jolan is also a writer. At the young age of 20-he wrote a play called '"Kastilyo ni Kardo"
which won the Sagisag Award and the Philippine Cultural Center awards.
He has been writing since his Ateneo High School Days till the present.

Finally, A present picture of my brother and I taken in Singapore:

Jose Ibarra Arsciwals Angeles & Maria Madonna Arsciwals Angeles-Davidoff


~Vintage Nina~ said...

What a BEAUTIFUL faily you have! I LOVE your blog and your stories! You are a very talented artist too!Thank you for sharing!!!

Indigene said...

It's wonderful, seeing and reading more about you. What an amazing talented family! You're very beautiful, too! When I read your blog, I see how determined and driven you are! Bravo, Maria and keep creating!

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