Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunday Inspirations #4: PeazCreation: An Artist Blog from Zurich, Switzerland

For my 4th Sunday Inspirations, I am featuring Pea Palkar , a self taught artist and trained interior designer from Zurich, Switzerland. Pea enjoys painting, doing illustrations, ceramics and metal embossing/engraving.

From Pea's quote: "I think life is just like a color palate. It has many different colors in it. It is up to us which color we want to spread in our life or which color suits us. Life is as simple as that. "

--Pea Palkar

image posted with permission © Pea Palkar


Pea said...

awww.. Thanks for the kind words!It is an honour to be in your inspirations post!

Lynn said...

fun to find Pea on another's blog.

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