Monday, April 13, 2009

Bali ,Rice Terrace Walk in Ubud

One of my daily routine in Bali is taking a meditative walk through out
the rice field terraces of Ubud.
In Ubud, the air is cool and crisp at this time of the day.

I start my walk from here:

I continue my walk by passing by some farmers working on their rice fields:
They are very friendly. Behind the rice fields are some balinese villages:

A small balinese house in the middle of the rice field. I wonder who lives there:

Come follow me for more Rice Terraces and fields.

A farmers resting hut:

A temple dedicated to to Dewi Sri the Rice godess:

Another Balinese house in the middle of rice field:

During my walk I go back to Saris Oganic Cafe to have tea.
Sometimes I even have breakfast there.

A view from Saris Organic Cafe:

The Entrance to Saris Organic Cafe:


Anna said...

Haaaay Tita Donna, I've been so enjoying how you've been documenting your trip - from preparation to the flights to the stopovers to the actual stay in whichever destination - in your blog. Through your paintings and illustrations and pictures! It's so great especially how you drew your travel preps! Astig!

Aaack, and you met Mario from Eat Love Pray??? I read that book, and I can't believe you the character!!! Fun fun fun! Plus the palm reader from the book, too!!! Now I'm inspired to visit Ubud someday too and retrace the places the author visited!

mike r. baker said...

Ubud is one of my favorite places on earth. I would love to have a home there one day.

Pea said...

wow.. such lovely pictures!!

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

Anna, Mike and Pea,
thank you for visiting.
Anna, I will post my meeting with the palm redear Ketut Liyer.

Suzan said...

Ubed looks amazing. Next trip= we must go together.

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