Monday, April 6, 2009

Travel CheckList by My Fairy Talisman

For me part of the fun of traveling is the preparation and packing. Fortunately, I have my traveling Fairy friend to help me out with my checklist:

Here she is with my long list of things to pack.

Together with packing, I got my necessary vaccinations and that was part of the preparation that I didn't like since it gave me an "achy' feeling for a few days.

Then I made sure I bought enough reading materials and snacks for the long plane ride. I also packed an extra change of clothing in my handcarry backpack because when I reach South East Asia ,its going to be very hot in humid there . I will have a whole day to visit the city of Singapore before I continue my journey to Bali., my first destination. After that, it's Hanoi and then Manila.

I reserved a room at the Transit Hotel at Changi Airport in Singapore . That way I can take a nap when I arrive. I also intend to use the rooftop pool soI made sure I also packed my swimsuit and a mini sublock stick.

Of course, I haven't forgotten my mini art studio( art supplies) and my Moleskine art book.
Well, I hope I haven't forgotten anything.


Amy C said...

what a sweet and thoughtful little fairy friend you have. The details in this are lovely, I always take a mini art supply and the essential moleskine book too!
Have a fantastic trip - I am jealous.

Jack Foster said...

awww Thats so sweet. Love your little travel fairy. Clever idea!

Indigene said...

How cool is that? I wish I had a packing fairy! That would be great, too! lol! What an adorable talisman! Oh, by the way, if you scroll on my website, you will see I have a link to your website. I did it some time, ago...hmmm...I get forgetful, so I probably forgot to let you know! I love visiting your site, too! I would love to have masks from Bali and/or Fiji or Manilla! Hugs, my friend!

Nicky Linzey said...

This is a great idea and I also love your paper doll drawing, I used to play with them and haven't seen one for years. I tried to leave a comment on that post but it wouldn't come up. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

Thank you Amy,Jack,Indigene & Nicky. Ill be blogging about my trip so "see" you all tomorrow in Singapore.

Theo said...


I enjoyed reading about your trip to Ubud. I noticed the photo of a treehouse. I have a house in Ubud and I am planning to build a treehouse myself and want to see a few before I start. Do you perhaps remember where the location is?

Many thanks!


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