Tuesday, June 9, 2009

After my Asian Trip, Events in New York

I'm Back!

It took me awhile to update my blog since I got back from my Asian trip.

For one whole month, I traveled solo to Singapore, Bali, and The Philippines, except in Vietnam, where I joined Bart, my hubby,who was already there to meet me.
During my trip I had a wonderful time sketching, sight-seeing, meditating and meeting old as well as new friends in Bali, Cruising in a romantic small ship through Ha Long Bay in Vietnam with Bart, taking a nostalgic visit to the city of Singapore where we used to live for a year from 2006 -2007, and then finally, re-uniting with my family in The Philippines.

When I arrived in the States It took me almost 2 weeks to recuperate from my jetlag.

But..... I had artwork to do, new projects to start on and several Books and
Art events to attend to in New York City.

The Book Expo America 2009:

The first event I attended was the Book Expo America held at the Javitz Center in New York.
was exhibited at the previous Book Expo.  

Inside The Book Expo America at Javitz:
Madonna Davidoff in front of the Book Expo at Javitz Center NYC:

I joined some of my fellow CBIG (Children's Book Illustrators Group) inside the Book Expo:
Below, I am behind a lot of wonderful Childrens Books:

Some things I got from the Book Expo when I got back to my studio:
Childrens Books Publishers Catalogs!

My BEA badge and some Children's Book with authors signatures:

Some Totes to carry the tons of Publishers catalogs and books:


Di said...

Wow - you've been busy -despite your jet lag! BTW thanks for taking time out to comment on my blog.

indigene said...

What an amazing journey! I love all the pictures, since it gives me a feeling of living through you...:)
How do you do it? Bravo, dear one, bravo!

Anna said...

yey, tita donna you're back! i missed your blog updates!!!

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