Sunday, June 14, 2009

Las Vegas

Wee, I'm flying a again for a short trip ---to Las Vegas,
not to gamble but to visit a childhood friend. See you then!


Anna said...

have fun in vegas tita donna!!!

Anonymous said...

hi madonna..
this is louie, the one who from the Palazzo pool in Las Vegas..
Really nice website..your drawings are awesome.
it was nice meeting you.

Anonymous said...

just want to drop by and say hello. i promised you that i will be visiting your website and here i am, my son joey was amazed with your drawings...

it was nice knowing you, hope to see you again in the future..
feel free to email me at look for me in FB.

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

Hi Anna & Louie,

I will be posting more about my trip to LV. Luoie, I'm glad your son ejoyed my site. nice meeting you too.

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