Saturday, August 22, 2009

Launching of My Online Store at Etsy

Welcome to the launching of My Online Store!!

This is my store logo at my Etsy Site:

My Handmade Plush dolls:

Inspired by my travels to Japan and Kokeshi Dolls, I introduce you to Mitsuki
She comes with her own cute parasol:

From the Island of Hawaii, I introduce you to Leilani:

My Original Paintings:

This is my mixed media painting entitled:
Fairy Tea Time:

size: 10"x10", acrylic paint,handsewn fabric with collage on canvas

Another one of my mixed media painting entitled:
Island Fairy:

size: 10"x10", acrylic paint,handsewn fabricwith collage on canvas


ValGalArt said...

very darling and super adorable!!!

Björnik said...

Hello Madonna! These are lovely dolls! You should also do one wearing baro't saya! Good luck on your new store.:)

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

Thanks Bjornik and Valerie. And yes--that's a good idea about the Baro't Saya! Bjornik, Keep me poosted also about your show in Sunteck Singapore.
Wish I was back there again to see it.

Di said...

Charming! Wish you many sales with your Etsey store!

justdoodleit said...

Totally cute dolls!

Janet O'Connor said...

Hi Maria,
Your dolls are charming. Koshi dolls are so much fun to look at and dress. Good luck with them.

Indigene said...

Oh my Maria! Congrats on launching your store! These dolls are soooo cute! I love your studio, too! What a beautiful place to be inspired. I wish you continued success, which you'll have, since you're so talented!

Anna said...

So adorable! The mixed media paintings are especially gorgeous!!!

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