Monday, August 31, 2009

Postcard Art

This is a painting I've done based on a story of a Little Girl and a Turtle. It was exhibited at the Society of Children's Book Illustrators 2003 conference in New York City. I was surprised and happy to find out that it won an award as one of the 10th finalist out of 250 submissions.

Here is an article about the award : Maria Madonna Davidoff at SCWBI Artist Showcase

The original water color painting was sold at the exhibit , but I had postcards of it printed professionally.

So for those who would like to have the postcards, here is the link to my shop:CraftyMadonna


Eric Barclay said...

Really beautiful piece!

Ascender Rises Above said...

very pretty -- it reminds me of a Leon Russell song

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

this is super duper exciting!!!! You should be doing the happy dance or sure!! This is wonderful, wonderful news! I am so happy for you and excited for you as well. This is like the best news. Congrats to you my beautiful and talented friend!

Tomás Serrano said...

beautiful balinesse post card

A Writer in London said...

I rarely get time these days to surf, but I had to reply - this picture is excellent. Having travelled in French Polynesia I can really feel how this picture looks. Great work.

art_grrl said...

Wow! Congratulations for the award! This is a lovely piece.

elenny67 said...

I love your style, vibrant colors, just amazing, so proud to call you my Auntie!

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