Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stockholm Xmas Holiday trip 2009

My plane arrives in Stockholm via Amsterdam

Madonna Davidoff in Stockholm Airport

Welcome to Stockholm!

Grand Hotel Stockholm

Boat Tour Stockholm
Some Stockholm Harbor scenes from the boat:

Getting out of the boat to bus tour Stockholm:

 Bus tour Stockholm on to the Famous Vasa Museum:

In the Vasa Museum:

Swedish Winter Night market:

Buying some x'mas gifts:

Starting to Snow!!

looking for directions in Stockholm:

Found a quaint Swedish Cafe Cellar in the Old Town Stockholm:

Going down the cellar cafe:

Inside the cellar cafe:

Traditional Swedish drink and cookies:

At the Ice Bar in Sweden:

Swedish Spa overlooking the city of Stockholm:

My Nordic Hat and Mittens:


Raul Avila said...

brrrrrrr!...que fri0

un beso

Ginger*:) said...

What a wonderful journey. I wish you the Happiest of New Years and a bright and bubbly New Year's Eve. Have you tried the AquaVit? I know it is Norwegian , but maybe the Swedes serve it as well.

All the best and safe travels.

Maria Madonna Davidoff said...

Yes, I've tried the aquavit. Have a happy new year Ginger! My next blog post will be in Germany.

RoseHansen said...

Why did the Vasa capsize?
a great drink was chilled absulute
vodka in ICE BAR!!!

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