Sunday, June 20, 2010

Maria Madonna Davidoff in the New York Times

I was one of the artists featured today in the New York Times (Metropolitan Section) The article is  entitled  Summer Rituals, Painting in the Park

In the article, I was mentioned as a freelance childrens book illustrator who does plein-air painting in Central Park. In this online version,  a photo of my artwork is not shown but is shown in the printed version of the New York Times, June 20, 2010. To read about me, scroll down the link to about the middle of the article.

This is a  painting (watercolor and ink rendering) I did today in Central Park. 
Once again, I've included a Little Girl character by the Turtle Pond.
I used Central Park as a backdrop for a story that seems to be evolving visually in my head .
A little girl character keeps on appearing in my Central Park painting series.
Her name is Marilyn.

Below, just  resting after a few hours of painting:


alinghi said...

you look great never change at all a hard working woman and woman with strong determination in life...i admire you.

MArilyn said...

Wow!!! No one ever uses the little girl's name...Marilyn. I'm flattered!!!

So is Marilyn Monroe, since I know she was "it" when I was born and lot of babies were name Marilyn around that time.

Keep sketching and you can only get better (I will listen to my own advice, to:-))

My bike is a REALLY old one...I'd love to have a new one, too! Someday!


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